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2014-0622 Bienna's 18th Birthday

Visitors 11
724 photos
Created 26-Jun-14
2014-0622 Bienna's 18th Birthday

2011-1029 Aidan's 1st Bday

Visitors 43
609 photos
Created 1-Nov-11
2011-1029 Aidan's 1st Bday

2011-0730 Rachel & Jay Wedding FotoBooth

Visitors 252
1129 photos
Created 2-Aug-11
2011-0730 Rachel & Jay Wedding FotoBooth

2011-0820 Kylie's 7th Birthday

Visitors 106
775 photos
Created 22-Aug-11
2011-0820 Kylie's 7th Birthday

2010-1127 Patria 21st Bday (FotoBooth)

Visitors 111
646 photos
Created 6-Dec-10
2010-1127 Patria 21st Bday (FotoBooth)

2011-0625 Brandi & Mark Wedding (FotoStudio)

Visitors 146
232 photos
Created 30-Jun-11
2011-0625 Brandi & Mark Wedding (FotoStudio)

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The birthday event was cool I think. The birthday album was so funny when these elder ones perform like this. The best thing I loved in your album was the lighting and the contrasting. The editing was also amazing.
I really like your portraits and compositions, I wish there were more to browse. Really fun results especially for parties!

All the best
Andrew Polinzsky
13.Super quality(non-registered)
Just wanted to say thank you for helping me create the perfect gift for my husband, I can only recommend your services

Everyone at the party had so much fun. The Photo Booth is the best idea ever. I give them five stars. Edzel photography was very professional they met all my expectations. The pictures were beautiful. Thank you so much for making our day very special You guys rock!!!!!!!
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