Created 11-Jan-11
Studio quality photo booth FUN! We are no longer available for new clients. Check out the galleries below if you had an event with us in the past.
2020-0229 Arlyn 50th Birthday2019-0512 Ava's First Communion2019-0504 Eric & Yali Wedding2018-1109 FCSPA Thanksgiving Gala2018-0929 Bobby's Retirement Luau2018-0721 SACSC Town Fiesta2018-0331 Marlene's 40th Birthday - 90's2018-0224 Blue & Gold Banquet2017-1218 Rachel & Mark Wedding2017-1028 Jennie's 60th Birthday2017-0729 Bulosan 50th Wedding2017-0630 Rudy's Retirement2017-0218 Blue & Gold Banquet2016-1001 Divina's 60th Birthday2016-0611 Caleb's Graduation/UCLA Sendoff2016-0610 Raziel Graduation2016-0525 Fetra Elementary2016-0513 Jessica's 18th Birthday (Fotostudio)2016-0503 TJHS Dance2016-0130 Caylie 15th Birthday2015-1211 Ann Street2015-0925 Stefanie & Andy (Fotobooth)2015-0514 TJHS Dance Banquet2015-0510 Zayda's First Communion2015-0117 Talley Inc.2014-0622 Bienna's 18th Birthday2014-0517 Danielle & Jason Wedding (FotoStudio)2014-0615 Hilary's Graduation2014-0508 TJHS Dance Team Banquet2014-0405 Orlando's 70th Birthday2014-0329 Brandon's 1st Birthday2014-0215 Cub Scout Pack 2399 Blue & Gold2013-1005 KD Birthday Fashion Show2013-0727 Holly & Eugene Wedding (FotoBooth)2013-0608 Vanessa's Quinceanera2013-0601 Jessica & Marvin (FotoStudio)2013-0223 Vince's 1st Birthday (FotoBooth)2013-0119 Dana's 30th Birthday (90's Party)2012-1222 Bridget's Debut2012-1208 Chugh Firm Holiday Party2012-1207 Mark & Krista Wedding (FotoBooth)2012-1201 Tin RN2012-1020 Cyrill & Jeff Wedding (FotoBooth)2012-1014 Alyssa's Baptism2012-0929 Savanna Class of 722012-0915 C & B Wedding2012-0901 Stonish & Casey Wedding2012-0902 Kenny & Audrey's Wedding (FotoStudio)2012-0804 Natalie's 1st Birthday (FotoBooth)2012-0728 Dana & Wayne's Wedding Shower (FotoBooth)2012-0728 Sofia Gabriela Quinceanera (FotoStudio)2012-0630 OCHS Class of 92 Reunion2012-0527 Marcelle Quinn's 1st Birthday (FotoBooth)2012-0506 Sheila & Jorge's Wedding (FotoStudio)2012-0421 Cecile's 21st Birthday!2012-0324 Edzel's 40th...80's Style (FotoStudio)2012-0421 Celeste's First Communion2012-0303 Ashley's 1st Birthday2012-0217 Athena & David (FotoStudio)2012-0204 Maddix 1st Birthday FotoBooth2012-0114 Natalie's Baptism2012-0401 Lee M. Fundraiser2011-1213 HB Street Fair2011-1203 Andrea's Quinceanera2011-1119 Maxine's 1st Birthday2011-1115 Huntington Beach Street Fair2011-1029 Aidan's 1st Bday2011-1023 Brynne's 1st Bday2011-1021 Jonathan & Anna Wedding Foto Booth2011-0916 Moran Fundraiser2011-0910 A Princess in Paris2011-0820 Kylie's 7th Birthday2011-0730 Rachel & Jay Wedding FotoBooth2011-0709 Arianna's Sweet 162011-0703 Teresa's Baby Shower2011-0625 Brandi & Mark Wedding (FotoStudio)2011-0528 Chrissy's Grad Party2011-0521 Griffin's Sweet 162011-0423 Stephanie's 18th Birthday2011-0409 Bailey's Sweet 162011-0312 Dylan's 16th Bday2011-0128 Junelle's 18th Bday (FotoStudio/FotoBooth Combo)2011-0108 Angeli & James Wedding (Fotobooth)2011-0101 Rosalina's 60th Bday2010-1218 Josh's Bday2010-1217 4West Xmas Party2010-1204 Bert's 60th Bday (FotoBooth)2010-1127 Patria 21st Bday (FotoBooth)2010-1114 Lord Tyler's Bday (FotoBooth)2010-1030 Ava's Birthday (FotoBooth)2010-1023 SoCal Offsite (FotoStudio)2010-1024 Zuri's Birthday (FotoBooth)2010-1023 SoCal Offsite2010-0925 Chona's Birthday (FotoStudio)2010-0828 Marie's Baby Fiesta (FotoBooth)2010-0808  DeEtte & Larry Wedding (FotoStudio)2010-0724 Sta. Ana Fiesta (FotoStudio)2010-0227 Arlyn's Birthday (FotoStudio)2009-1205 Yolanda's 50th (FotoStudio)2009-1025 Rula Baby Shower2009-1016 SoCal Leadership2009-1002 TB Retirement